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Aquaminder: A Water Bottle That Helps You Drink More

Aquaminder Smart Water Bottle for Office Gym and Fitness

In the hustle of everyday life, it's easy to overlook the significance of staying hydrated. Hydration plays a pivotal role in maintaining overall health, impacting everything from energy levels to cognitive function.

Meet Aquaminder - India's 1st Smart Water Bottle

What is Aquaminder? A Smart Water Bottle?

Aquaminder isn't just a water bottle; it's a smart hydration solution. Packed with innovative features that reminds you to drink water regularly, it goes beyond the conventional to ensure you're consistently meeting your hydration goals.
Let's delve into what makes Aquaminder the go-to choice for smart and effective hydration.

How does Aquaminder work?

Aquaminder employs cutting-edge reminder system, glows & beeps every hour over a 12 hour period to help you drink more water, consistently. Simply turn the bottle on, once every morning and you're set!
It's like having a personal hydration coach, right in your hands.

How does Aquaminder help?

We're all busy. We forget to drink water. Which leads to inconsistent hydration. Aquaminder's intelligent glowing & beeping function reminds you to drink water at hourly intervals ensuring consistent hydration. Aquaminder helps improve hydration, health, and your quality of life.

Drink reminder smart water bottle that glows & beeps every hour to help with consistent hydration

What are Aquaminder - Smart Water Bottle Features?

  1. Hydration Reminders:
    • Aquaminder provides hourly reminders with a gentle glow and sound cues to keep users on track, ensuring regular water intake throughout the day.
  2. Prioritize Health:
    • The smart water bottle makes it easy for users to prioritize their well-being by encouraging regular water intake.
  3. Effortless Hydration:
    • Designed for easy one-handed operation with a sporty sipper lid, Aquaminder ensures effortless hydration whether at work, the gym, or on the go.
  4. Quiet Mode:
    • Aquaminder offers a silent mode for quiet environments, allowing users to adapt hydration reminders to different situations.
  5. Long Battery Life:
    • With a massive 15-day battery life on a single charge, users can rely on Aquaminder for consistent hydration reminders.
  6. USB C Charging:
    • Aquaminder features multi-voltage USB C charging, providing convenient charging options with universal compatibility.
  7. Durable Construction:
    • Built using unbreakable Tritan material, Aquaminder is not only durable but also offers a premium frosted finish for an elegant look.
  8. Customizable Settings:
    • Users can control Aquaminder with a button, adjusting settings such as turning off beeping and keeping only the light glow in silent zones.
  9. Portable Design:
    • The 700ml capacity bottle is designed to be portable, ensuring that Aquaminder is always with users, whether at work or play.
  10. Variety of Colors:
    • Aquaminder is available in multiple vibrant colour options, allowing users to choose a style that suits their preferences.

How to use Aquaminder - Drink Reminder Water Bottle?

Setting Up Aquaminder:

  1. Charge the Bottle:
    • Ensure that Aquaminder is fully charged using the provided USB C charging cable.
  2. Power On:
    • Long press the power/mode button located at the base of the bottle to turn on Aquaminder.
  3. Hydration Reminders:
    • Aquaminder will glow and beep every hour, reminding you to drink water for a 12-hour period.

Initial Setup & Different Modes:

  1. Turning Off Aquaminder:
    • Aquaminder is designed to automatically shut down after 12 hours. If needed, you can also long-press the power button to turn it off manually.
  2. Quiet Mode:
    • Press the power button three times to enter quiet mode, disabling the beeping sound. This is useful in quiet environments.
  3. Turning Off Quiet Mode:
    • Restart Aquaminder to turn off quiet mode.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

  1. Base Cleaning:
    • Do not immerse or wash the base of the bottle in water. Wipe the base using a clean cloth.
  2. Separate Base:
    • When cleaning the container and cap, separate the base from the bottle.
  3. Drying:
    • Allow the bottle to dry completely before reattaching the base and using it.
  4. Charging Reminder:
    • Charge Aquaminder for at least 2 hours before using, and charging it weekly helps keep the battery healthy.

Storage and Handling:

  1. Clean, Dry Place:
    • Store Aquaminder in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  2. Temperature:
    • Do not expose the bottle to extreme heat or cold. Remove the base before refrigeration.
  3. Handling:
    • Do not hit or throw the product, as it may cause internal or external damage.

Where can I buy Aquaminder – Smart Water Bottle?

Aquaminder - Smart Water Bottle is available to buy from the brand’s website.

Alternatively it is available on Amazon India.

Does the Aquaminder Smart Water Bottle Come with a Warranty?

Yes, Aquaminder water bottle comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. You can write to for support queries.

Aquaminder Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 700ml
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Wattage: 2W
  • Dimensions: 27.6cm x 7.5cm
  • MRP: 1999/- (Incl of all Taxes)
  • Accessories Includes: 1 x USB Charging Cable | 1 x User Manual

Aquaminder Customer Support Address: The Customer Care Manager, Aquaminder Tech Pvt Ltd. , C 349 Antop Hill Warehouse, VIT College Road, Barkat All Road, Wadala (E) Mumbai 400037

Email: | Website:

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