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A bottle that reminds you to drink more, every hour

Smart water bottle for gym-goers by Aquaminder

Sound & Glow of Hydration

Aquaminder's hourly reminders with a gentle glow and sound cues keep you on track, ensuring you never forget to take a sip of water throughout the day.

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    Rise and Hydrate: Your Morning Ritual

    Kickstart your morning with a smart hydration goal, ensuring a refreshed and invigorating start. Hydrate first thing after waking up for a day filled with energy and well-being.

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    Hydrate to Sleep Soundly: A Night Routine

    End your day with Aquaminder on your bedside table. Hydrate before bedtime for a restful night and a refreshed morning start.

Aquaminder Smart Drink Reminder Water Bottle For Travelling

Easy on-the-go drinking

Wherever your journey takes you, Aquaminder fits seamlessly in your car's cup holder, ensuring hydration on the go. Stay refreshed during trips and daily commutes with ease!

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    Stay hydrated, no matter how busy you are

    Busy schedules are no excuse for neglecting your well-being. Aquaminder makes it easy to sip your way to refreshment, anytime, anywhere.

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    Hydrate like a pro, win like a champion

    Serious athletes hydrate smartly. Aquaminder empowers you to stay on top of your game, so you can achieve peak performance and bring home victories.

Hydrate the Smart Way: Explore Aquaminder's Features and Benefits

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    Spring Green

    Just like the greenery that blooms in spring, this colour choice represents the refreshing nature of staying hydrated.

  • Aquaminder smart water bottle for daily hydration - 700ml

    Summer Blue

    This colour mirrors the clear skies and inviting waters of summer for a refreshing feeling of jumping into a pool.

  • Aquaminder Tritan smart water bottle - 700ml capacity

    Autumn Pink

    Just as autumn leaves turn various shades of red and pink, this colour reminds you to take a moment for yourself while staying hydrated

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    Winter Grey

    This colour symbolizes the purity and simplicity of freshly fallen snow, reflecting the idea of a fresh start every day with clarity & hydration.

How to make the most out of Aquaminder!

How do I set up Aquaminder for the first time?

To set up Aquaminder, ensure it's fully charged. Then, long-press the power button located at the base of the bottle. It will glow and beep every hour, reminding you to drink water for a 12-hour period.

How do I turn off the Aquaminder reminder system?

Aquaminder is designed to automatically shut down after 12 hours. If you want to turn it off earlier, simply long-press the power button to disable the reminders.

What makes Aquaminder's default reminder interval special?

Aquaminder's default reminder interval is set to one hour, and it's intentionally designed to keep you on track with regular hydration. This hourly reminder ensures that you never miss an opportunity to drink water, helping you prioritize your health effortlessly.

How do I turn on and off the quiet mode of Aquaminder?

To activate quiet mode, simply press the power button three times. To turn off quiet mode, restart Aquaminder. In quiet mode, it provides a visual glow reminder without sound cues.

Have questions? We have answers!

How does Aquaminder's reminder system work?

Aquaminder features an innovative "Sound & Glow of Hydration" reminder system that beeps and glows every hour to remind you to drink water. Simply set it up, and it will ensure you never forget to stay hydrated, even during your busiest moments.

Is Aquaminder suitable for outdoor activities and travel?

Absolutely. Aquaminder is the ideal travel and outdoor companion. Its durable, unbreakable Tritan material and smart reminder system make it perfect for staying hydrated on the go, even when it's in your backpack.

What is the battery life of Aquaminder?

Aquaminder offers a massive 15-day battery life, so you can rely on it to provide consistent hydration reminders without frequent charging. It's designed to keep up with your daily routine.

What is the warranty on Aquaminder?

Aquaminder comes with a 1 year warranty.

Is Aquaminder safe for the dishwasher, including the reminder electronics?

The bottle and cap are dishwasher safe*. However, it's important to hand-wash the base with a clean cloth to avoid affecting the electronics. Do not immerse the base in water.